Casa de la Punta


The "Casa de la Punta", built in 1978 with the original purpose of serving as a week-end home for a family of six: a couple and their four adolescent children, was built on a site shaped like a peninsula on BreƱas Beach. This small house, built with modest materials, has endured the wrath of two major hurricanes and several tropical storms and has merged with the landscape while maintaining a distinctive presence within it.


For 28 years the house has been preserved by its owners in its original state. It has served as a setting for the family's large social gatherings and more recently it has transformed into a full-time refuge for repose and contemplation for the now retired couple. The house has achieved its purpose in transformation and maturity and has transcended into a still valid dwelling for this family through an architecture that has served as framework for the essential human necessity of having a habitat of one's own.