Tren Urbano Centro Médico Station

San Juan

The station is located at the intersection of several streets within the Medical Center. Here the train runs underground and along a sunken track, so that the building completely covers the tracks and platform. Its shape follows the line of the platform. It also provides access from several points around the intersection on which the western entrance, a cylindrical structure, opens. There is a secondary entrance to the south, where the bus terminal and public cars are located, and this entrance serves as a transfer point. The platform is of the sunken, central platform type. An enormous roof with skylights aligned with the stairways provides natural light for the platform level. Prefabricated vertical brises-soleil at the sides of the entranceway are used to maximize ventilation and maintain an optimal level of visibility between the interior and the exterior. The beams over the brises-soleil are articulated to function as concrete louvers that allow for air to flow through from one side to the other.