Tren Urbano Cupey Station

San Juan

The area where the station is located, at the intersection of highways PR-1 and PR-176, has still not consolidated, and it is anticipated that the train will encourage development in the future. This has already begun with the new headquarters of the Department of Natural Resources and the Biomolecular Sciences Building of the University of Puerto Rico. At present, the principal element in the surroundings is the viaduct itself. The curve of the viaduct and the pedestrian tunnel, which connects the station with the secondary entrance from PR-1, are the elements that give the station its particular form. Both required a stairway for circulation on a monumental scale. The articulation of this stairway with the service spaces, located below, determined the form of the principal fa├žades. The stairways are furnished with enormous windows and skylights; the translucent glass used to provide good illumination avoids the visual distractions of clear glass.