Tren Urbano Hato Rey Station

San Juan

The design of the station, located to the northeast of the Puerto Rico Coliseum, takes into account that the latter is the key element in its surroundings. Another outstanding element is the Martín Peña Linear Park, which is echoed inside the station by an undulating glass wall at the two entrances. Finally, and a key to the context, is a square that is to be built to connect the Coliseum to the Hato Rey banking district and the new commercial and entertainment developments of the Popular Center belonging to the Banco Popular of Puerto Rico. The treatment of the station windows was intended to enhance the view toward the Coliseum, the linear park, and the future development of the square. The curved wall has upper and lower panels, with the latter set back to provide for natural ventilation within the station. This curved wall is modulated to interlace with the columns of the viaduct, which were preset and existing elements that affect the design of the station. Prefabricated panels are used on the eastern side, looking toward the service patio and the rear façade of the future structures. The perforated steel panels, designed to facilitate natural movement of air and cross ventilation, are staggered and overlapped for that purpose.