Tren Urbano Jardines Station


This station, on Ruiz Soler Avenue, is in a residential zone of one-family structures. It was developed on a scale that would not impact the zone visually, particularly in terms of height, in order not to change the appearance of the community drastically. The predominant form is the square, with the green areas to the front, and the covered walkway at the entrance, which offers protection from the sun and rain. At present, the principal users of the station are the residents of the Río Bayamón community. At some time in the future, a multifamily residential project will be built. For those potential users, a second entrance to the station was designed at the opposite end of the platform.


The platform of the station is typical of the central platforms—sunken, with a prefabricated vault—and the lighting and ventilation are achieved using prefabricated brises-soleil along the side walls and a skylight the length of the vault.