Tren Urbano Martínez Nadal Station


Located in the very center of an enormous terrain defined by Piñero Avenue to the north, Martínez Nadal Expressway to the west, and Road PR-21 to the south, the station was built on waste land surrounded by unused industrial buildings, which were expropriated and demolished to build a future sector for mixed use and the new station. With its rotunda as the iconic element and visual focus of the future development, the station anticipates the new configuration and densification of the area. Covered transfer areas connect to exits from the rotunda, and commercial concessions are located at the western and eastern ends of the station to serve the needs of passengers and accommodate the buses that make transfers at the station. The platform is of the central type, with a sunken/underground viaduct. Like the other stations, concrete was used for the covered walkways and streamlined eaves, and prefabricated vaults were used for the roof. The large modular windows and concrete elements, at two-foot intervals, mix fixed louvers, glass, and open modules to achieve a balance of security, transparency, and cross ventilation.